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Quarantine Interactive is a digital art studio and videogame development company. 

My name is Diego Martinez.  I founded Quarantine Interactive almost 10 years ago with a couple of collagues, between Artists and Developers. The goal was to become a videogame development company. And from that time on, we developed NoseBound!!, a noir, paranormal point & click adventure game (soon to be published on Steam). And also worked a variety of videogame projects for other clients. Sometimes we joined forces as a team, other times as solo freelancers. 

I’ve been working in the videogame industry for almost 20 years now. Video games are the most amazing form of art (that's what I think) And when working conditions match, you get to work on an amazing environment, filled with the most extraordinary people.   

Last year I worked as Senior Technical Artist and VFX Artist for Blockade Games. I've been working on their main game in development, Neon District. A Cyberpunk turn based fighting RPG. My job consisted mostly in character and background animation, VFX creation, Shader creation, Art optimization and art integration.   

Today we are working for LUMA Inititiative Inc.Developing the first Virtual Reality Opera. Miranda. Soon to be released as a live event on September 2020...

The Team

Juan Caratino
Senior Character Artist
Master 3D Artist with awesome Character art skills. He takes his job very seriously and with great focus, almost like a hunter after a long waited pray.
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Anibal Hormeche
Lead Developer / Gameplay programmer
Unity game engine dungeon master. The man behind the wheels, the engine, the pipes and every other backdoor analogy you can think of.
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Diego M. Martinez
CEO / Founder

Art & Creative direction. Organizing and shit. Storytelling, writing. Environment and VFX content creation. Basically the glue that keeps this thing from falling apart. 

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S.R. Villa
Senior Concept Artist Consultant

Art & Creative Direction for video games and animation. Character Designer and Concept Artist. The Eagle Eye Artist every studio wants to have. He says he doesn't work for us. He works WITH us.

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Virginia Palomeque
Senior Concept Artist / Matte Painter
Virginia gives the first visual impact to our projects, like in her picture, she breathes creativity into the mouth of the frogs.
Artstation Portfolio
  • Complete project management and delivery. "Turn-key".  
  • Complete "Art-Pipeline-Only" management and delivery. From sketches to final integration in Unity, Unreal Engine, or others.
  • AR, VR, Arch Viz.
  • Character concept art.
  • Landscape concept art.
  • Matte Painting.
  • Animated Matte Painting.
  • Character modeling.
  • Prop modeling.
  • Environment design & implementation.
  • Realtime VFX.
  • Shader development.
  • 3D & 2D animation.
  • Gameplay programming.
Advance Technology

We work with the latest pipeline methodologies to deliver the best quality possible at the best speed, thus lowering costs as much as possible. 

From digital concept art to 3D Studio Max models, Zbrush High poly meshes to Substance Painter, Substance designer materials. We manage the complete "idea-to-experience" pipeline.


We work with Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, Godot, Game Maker, Construct. 

We deliver our contents daily using servers (GDrive, Dropox) or whatever version control system the client wants to use. ( Git, SVN, Plastic, Unity Collab, Bitbucket, Jira).

Ontime Delivery
We always hit the delivery mark. If we can't deliver we say it in advance. If we commit, then you'll have it, even if surprises arise along the way and we need to double the team. We can do it. To organize our team we use Trello or Hack&Plan.
Customer Support
Daily communication with our clients is key. We never go silent. We're used to video call meetings, and any  other comm service you want to use. We usually work with Discord, Slack, Google Meet or Skype.


"Diego worked on our team as a technical artist, a VFX artist, and a 3D animator. On top of that, when we threw in 2D animation duties with Spine, he rolled up his sleeves and CRUSHED it. He's funny, personable, highly competent, and confident enough to raise flags whenever something in the project doesn't smell right. He saved the team from several bad decisions this way. He's an absolute asset for any game team, and I look forward to building another project with him!"
Christopher Chapman Executive Producer, Blockade Games

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