We are a videogame development studio and interactive entertainment product creators.

Our Services

  • Our services:
  1. Comprehensive realization of 3D Art for interactive applications, video games, presentations, advertisements for cinema, TV or virtual reality. Commonly called 3D modeling.
  2. Computer animation for video games, mobile applications, Virtual Reality (VR) or advertising.
  • Turnkey Projects:
  1. Customized mobile applications ready for the user and published in Android Market (PlayStore) or Apple Store. Customized on customer’s request, either to promote your company or to fulfill a specific function within the client’s products.
  2. Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR) apps & tours. Currently being used to promote movies or TV series in malls, shopping centers or conventions, they are also being used a lot for architectural visualizations as a “Preview” of how a particular construction site or architectural project will be seen once it’s finished.
  3. Advergames are pieces of software that are used to promote brands or products determined in malls, shopping centers and / or places where many people go. Today, they are being combined with Virtual Reality experiences.
  4. Turnkey Videogame projects – If you have an idea for a video game and want to get it finished we can develop it and publish it in several digital download stores like STEAM and others.