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About Us

About Us

We are a small team of Artists and Developers that’ve been working together in the videogame industry for almost 20 years. From pixel art for the early mobile games to entire 3D game environments in Unreal Engine.  We worked non-stop producing art for small to big sized video game companies.  We developed art for games like Timegate´s F.E.A.R. XP, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F.E.A.R._Perseus_Mandate  Section 8. MMO Line of Defense, currently in open beta stage.  Our most recent project participations are Descentraland And Neon District which is approaching Season 1 already.

We’ve also been making our own games.  “NoseBound” A classic point & click adventure game, coming to PC/Mac/Linux in 2020

Leadership Team

Diego M. Martinez

C.E.O. & Lead Artist

Anibal Hormeche

Lead Developer & Gameplay

Juan Ignacio Cubas

Concept Artist & Game Design

Support Team

Santiago R. Villa

Concept art & Design

Marketing designer at Nosebound

Nicolas Diaz

Character Animation

Character animator at NoseBound

Santiago H. Videla

3D Artist

Vehicle artist at Line of Defense

Ignacio Berge

Background Artist & Musician

Background Artist & Musician at NoseBound

Ian Martin

Software Engeneer / Game Designer

Voice Actor at NoseBound

Kimlinh Tran

Voice Actress

Voice Actress at NoseBound


Voice Actress

Voice Actress at NoseBound

Mauri Majanoja

Voice Actor

Voice Actor for NoseBound